AT&T Blackberry Bold Review and Thoughts!

Blackberry Bold is now available to order through Best Buy.  Of course, you will want to avoid being on AT&T’s slow network.  My best suggestion is to wait until Sprint has Blackberry Bold available.  (You can buy this straight up for $679.99 and ask your Sprint dealer to switch over your plan if you want.)

As far as the Blackberry Bold goes, I think it’s a real good buy, perhaps a lot better than the touchscreen Blackberry Storm as you cannot replace the reliable physical keyboard with “touchscreen” keys.  Even iPhone users’ most complained feature is the hard-to-use keyboard.

For anyone who needs a good phone for business, I do highly recommend this Bold over the Storm as keyboard just simply sucks on anything touch.

As I have stated in my previous DIY on how to effectively use a mobile phone, a physical keyboard is great for navigating through Mobile GoogleMaps while you drive.  (although not recommended)  For advanced GoogleMaps commuters (including me), you need to be able to type with your right hand while driving with the other. (I am sure you could do this on the iPhone, but trust me, it’s a lot easier on a Blackberry with a good keyboard)

The best part about ALL (NEW) Blackberries is that they support both CDMA and GSM on one phone.  Not many other phones do this although I’ve seen some Samsung phones do it.  If you are an international traveler, this will be great phone that you can use all over the world(GSM Sim Card)) while taking advantage of Sprint’s fast network. (CDMA-based, and WiMAX 4G coming soon)

Well, that’s my 2 cents on your next Blackberry investment, if you really want it, go knock yourself out.

Blackberry Bold at BestBuy

6 Responses to AT&T Blackberry Bold Review and Thoughts!

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  2. Blackberry is awesome. But i still saving more money to buy it

  3. John says:

    What?? the Sprint network Sucks, at&t is way better if you want a great network to use for the blackberry bold….lol you must be crazy sprint is so bad that anybody who has sprint i feel sorry for them,,,,lol lol

  4. daniel says:

    att in the san francsico bay are sucks… there 3g is so laggy u really cant call it 3g… and yes i had att (cingular) over the past 7 years, and thanks to their massive users in the bay area i would recommend sprint over att.

  5. max says:

    Well that’s just my point, if it doesn’t work in one of the biggest metropolitan cities in the west coast, it ain’t worth buying it. I hear it’s about as bad in New York.

  6. Lestan says:

    I live in Reno, which is a pretty small town really (250,000) and my ATT service is incredibly fast! I’ve admittedly never used Sprint so I guess i might think slow is fast. Anyway, I love the blackberry bold and it’s speed is fine with me!

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