Words of Wisdom will teach you Everyday!

One of my best friend’s bathroom has a big poster with lots of “words of wisdom” from famous people featuring lines like, “If you can’t help yourself, no one can help you.”

Anyways, here’s a device that will spit out some random “words of wisdom” to teach you or your kids, one good thing or two everyday for one time payment of $29.95.  Not bad huh?  I might get one and put it on top of my toilet.  I heard your brain can learn a lot faster when you are peeing or pooping.

LLDs consistently slip knowledge and inspiration into your brain while you go about  the everyday routines of life.  Place this LLD on the kitchen table and push it as you have breakfast.  Put it on your dresser and tap it as you get ready for the day.  Set it on your desk at work and watch yourself begin taking action to realize your dreams!

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One Response to Words of Wisdom will teach you Everyday!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Exactly what a young mother needs.

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