Fashion DIY – How to Make a Purse out of Books!

If you need to buy a real bag, you might want to check out our Bag Blog,, otherwise, you can make your own cool Purse by re-using/recycling your old books.  Of course, it ain’t light by any means nor is it fashionable, but I’d admire someone who wears this than someone like Palin who spends outrageous money to look good. (I vote for skillz not what’s on the “outside”.  It’s always what’s inside that’s going to define your character.)

I had my eye on some attractively bound Reader’s Digest Condensed Books (I have no pity for them) that were in the local library book sale, but wanted a little more space than one book could give me. So I made a box-type purse out of three.

I started by cutting out the attractive endpapers for future use, then coated the text block edges with thinned-down school glue (using wax paper to keep them separate from the covers). Use plenty of weights on the books while they dry or they will warp! I then hollowed out the text blocks, as well as the bottom cover of the top book, both covers of the middle book, and the top cover of the bottom book. I gave the interiors of the text blocks several cots of thinned down glue, then glued them to their respective covers with school glue (leaving the top cover unglued to act as the lid of the purse. E6000 glue was used to glue the stacked books together into a solid block.

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