Sprint’s Dan Hesse says Google Android not good enough “yet”!

In recent interview with Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse, he says that Google Android isn’t good enough “yet” for Sprint to promote on their network.

I can understand why Dan is saying that because Sprint is way ahead of every other telecommunication company in the U.S. as far as mobile data speeds go.

Plus, Sprint has been working closely with Samsung, one of the biggest cellphone manufacturers in the world.  Samsung has been rolling out WiMax-enabled devices for the last past 2 years while Sprint just rolled out with the new 4G WiMAX in metropolitan cities in the U.S.

I believe one of the biggest reasons why Google Android isn’t ready is the hardware that’s not capable of supporting WiMAX, the future of Sprint and mobile phones.

Even Apple is stuck with outdated 3G technology on their iPhones, when they should have launched their product with Sprint.

If you haven’t noticed, every major laptop and cellphone manufacturer have been making WiMAX-enabled devices behind consumers’ backs because they KNOW that’s the fastest mobile internet ever.

Anyways, I am looking forward to getting a WiMAX-enabled device from Sprint soon, especially they now offer pro-rated contract termination fees.

I still see Dan Hesse is far ahead of Steve Jobs or even Google because he foresees the underlying technology behind the cellphone hardware itself, WiMAX that is.

You might not agree, but wait couple years and you will hear me in your mind, “I told you so”.

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