Samsung PIXON M8800 – iPhone Killer?


The new Samsung PIXON M8800 comes with an 8 Megapixel camera capable of taking photos with 3264×2448 pixel resolution.  As far as digital camera ability, this Samsung phone is better than most digital cameras at taking pictures.

The M8800 Pixon will feature autofocus and a flash obviously, but also face/smile/blink detection, panoramic shooting, image stabalisation and shake reduction software, all of which are to be found on ‘proper’ point-and-shoot cameras.

Although iPhone and Google new G1 phone are gaining masive popularity, let’s not forget that Samsung has been making cellphones a lot longer than both Apple and Google, their competitive edge is the ability to make phones like this.

The phone is also able to do geotagging, play DivX videos, and you can even connect it to your TV for videos!

If you are looking for a new cellphone that’s also capable of taking great digital photos, this might be the way to go, you can’t lose on an 8 Megapixel digital camera coupled with touchscreen interface.  As far as digital photo capabilities, this Samsung PIXON M8800 proves to be an iPhone Killer.

You won’t get Wi-Fi inside the Pixon, but it is a 3G handset with full 7.2Mbps HSDPA support, so it should speed along quite nicely on the right network. Interestingly, the Pixon has Samsung’s SRS Virtual Surround (often found on the company’s television sets) system inside plus DivX support for watching videos and a TV-Out socket for displaying them on a larger screen.

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2 Responses to Samsung PIXON M8800 – iPhone Killer?

  1. I had a fiddle with this phone for a few days until it dies and I had to take it back. Its good but not definitely not an iphone killer.

  2. sparkyuiop says:

    You ‘fiddle’ with it until it died! Then offer an “expert” opinion that it is definatly not an iPhone killer, albiet it has an 8MP camera with functions (mentioned above your comment) that you would normally only find on a digital camera!
    I agree in as much that the phone is pretty much standard although the bluetooth has a nice firmware tweak floating about out there which is useful. Installing it though will invalidate any guarantee Samsung offer so be aware of that.
    I agree with the Zedomax review, it is a great camera and can upload to You Tube etc with the touch of a button and a reasonable functioning phone.
    The only down side is lack of a WiFi controller.

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