Citizen Hack – How to Hack Voting Machines!

Well, we live in a society where voting “machines” are used to count votes and that means it’s not reliable at all, especially if some hackers can figure out how to hack them in just 122 lines of code.

Yes, I still believe Bush had some hackers rig the Florida voting machines.  I still can’t believe Bush became the President 8 years ago, when he was CLEARLY not “voted” President, he simply declared himself one. (Perhaps that’s why our American economy just went plunk last 8 years or so and I still have to pay out of my pocket at Hospital Emergency rooms.)

Anyways, the voting machines can easily be hacked and I think the government has to actually make an “open system” where after people vote, there would be a very large LED sign in front of the voting booth, showing the actual vote counted in real time.

Do I believe in the American voting system?  Hell no, I know that it’s rigged if it can be hacked.

Do we need a new system?  Hell yes, we need a system that updates in “real-time”, we’ve been using a faulty, biased, and easily-hackable voting systems for years.

Darn, I am sure hackers already know who’s going to be President, I sure hope that hackers are not on McCain’s side.  (Yes, it might now be a matter of which candidate hires “smarter” voting machine hackers, not about actual votes in my opinion any more.)

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