Wii Hack – How to Use a 4GB SD Card on the Wii and Increase File Transfer Speeds!

Here’s a fun Wii hack that shows you how to use a 4GB SD card on a Nintentdo Wii and increase file transfer speeds over Wii-branded 2GB SD cards.  Although the author fills up the 4GB with 2GB of garbage, your file transfer speed is increased greatly so it might be worth a go if you have extra SD cards lying around.

Okay! Now we all know that Nintendo’s official line is that cards larger than 2GB will not work on the Wii…and for the most part this is true. However…what about a 4GB SD (NOT SDHC) card that PRETENDS it’s a 2GB, but then over time can be slowly expanded to meet it’s 4GB potential?

I scoured the net for info on how to get this to work, and now I present to you the fruits of my labor. Here is a mini FAQ on how to get 4GB SD cards to work on your Wii.

via gizmodo, Hack Page

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