PC Case Hack – How to Make a Mineral Water-Cooled PC!


Do you need a custom PC that’s going to provide a LOT of cooling power?  Well, you are in luck as there’s this hack that shows you how to make a mineral water-cooled PC without costing you an arm and a leg like the PC mod that uses no PC fans, or the pool-cooled PC.

We built this system because with all the oil cooled projects out there, no one built a system that looked good and functioned well! After seeing all the other projects, we had a lot of ideas of how we could do it better and more easily. Many projects used vegetable oil, which would go rancid after a short time. The mineral oil does not have this problem, and is completely clear. We also wanted to use an appropriate enclosure — the Toms Hardware system used a clear acrylic case, and they had to painstakingly seal each rear connector to keep the oil from leaking. We wanted to put the ports on top to solve that problem the simple way. Other people have built systems in aquariums before, but they were always oversized and square. When we found the Eclipse System 6 Aquarium, we were excited to see an aquarium that was absolutely perfect in size — you couldn’t go any smaller. In addition, we had questions about performance and long term effects. Our initial tests, which we go over below, answer the questions about cooling performance. At the bottom of the page, we’ve posted subsequent follow ups after a few months and even a year, to let you know how a system like this performs in the long term.

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12 Responses to PC Case Hack – How to Make a Mineral Water-Cooled PC!

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  2. Nicole Price says:

    Very interesting. I am however not in the same league as you and I do not really need too much cooling power!

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  4. What a neat idea. My only concern is that if I tried it I would blow something up.

  5. Girls Gadget says:

    Interesting idea. I love the bubble part.

  6. Anon says:

    don’t you mean Mineral Oil? The pictures are of a mineral oil cooled machine.

  7. Alexander says:

    ummm Mineral water? or mineral oil? 2 very different things…. I think your title may be wrong.

  8. jim says:

    I have an amd quad core processor black edition with a built in nvidia geforce 8200. also i have a nvidia gforce 9800 sli in my pci slot. I have 8gb of 1066 ram and two over 500gb hard drives. I am currently running a total of five fans and still running at 47 degrees celcius on xp not gaming and 53 gaming, and 53 on vista not gaming and 59 gaming. My room is not very warm so im trying to find ways to cool this pig. Do you think it would be safe for me to submerge this in minerol oil, and is there any other way besides liquid cooling to cool it.

  9. Val says:


  10. Val says:


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