Italian Police Lamborghini!


If you ever decide to be a cop, make sure to apply for an Italian citizen, then work for the police station that lets you drive one of these Lamborghinis. (I heard they had Lamborghini police cars in Arizona too but this one is better)

I imagine they need this for catching those heroin/drug exporters in Italy.  (Well, they could’ve probably got 100 regular police cars instead though…)

Somehow the Lamborghini techs have managed to integrate all the gear that modern police officers regularly use into their diminutive supercar. The car is equipped with a video recording system so officers can record evidence and provide entertainment for the boys in blue back at the station by transmitting it wirelessly in real time. The usual array of gun racks and radio equipment is also supplemented by a cooler in the front compartment that can be used to transport separated body parts to the local emergency room, or that finger you just shot off a “potential” suspect.

via autoblog

2 Responses to Italian Police Lamborghini!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    We should be so lucky. Trust the Italians to do just the right thing to make their cops look and drive macho, big time at that!

  2. I woudn’t be surprised if this kind of police vehicle shows up in California/Beverly Hills soon.

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