Zedomax.com Updated with a New Dual Quad-Core Xeon Harpertown Server from Cari.Net!

Things have been a little crazy as I have been running around town helping small business owners get ahead using my guerilla blog marketing techniques.  (I also wrote an E-book for intermediate bloggers over at my Adsense Optimization blog.)

Anyways, I spent couple hours today upgrading my server from a Dual-Core Woodcrest Xeon processor to a Dual Quad-Core Harpertown Xeon processor.  Of course, I use and recommened Cari.Net for any kind of dedicated hosting as they have good servers at good prices.

One of the new things that Cari.Net offered was this thing called “KVM over IP”, basically allows you to control your web server remotely as if your mouse and keyboard was actually connected to the web server.

Of course, you can actually do this without the KVM using other sofware like Hummingbird Connectivity.

The greatest part about the KVM feature is that it’s actually a separate hardware from the web server.  So if your web server goes down for some reason, you can simply hard reset it using the KVM connection since KVM will not go down.

Usually, I’d have to wait for the technical support to hard reset my web server, with the KVM, I can bypass that step and restart it. (which really saves my day)

I did pay an extra $30 for this services since my blog has a history of going down about every couple days. (mostly due to too much traffic)

I should have upgraded the server long time ago but because of financial budgets, I needed to wait out as long as I can.  Although I am not doing that well now, I am proud to present you the same blog on a faster machine.

As an advice, if you are going to upgrade your dedicated server, you want to wait out as long as possible as there’s newer, cheaper servers that come out every month.

I usually do a server upgrade about once every 6 months, now I am stuck at the top-of-the-line server from Cari.Net.  The next step is probably to upgrade with 2 web servers.

You might never see it but I do a lot of “fighting” with various hackers who try to take this blog down. (for one reason or another)  Well, at least with this new server, I will have more hardware power.  Yey!

Anyways, I don’t want to bore you readers with web server management but if you ever need some help, feel free to shoot me an e-mail, I will make a DIY article out of it. 🙂

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    Congratulations and Good for you that now you can take care of hackers. I wish you all luck.

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