Wii Hack – How to Make Nintendo Wii Zappers!

Nintendo Wii Fanboy blog has posted a bunch of really cool Nintendo Wii Zappers you can make.

Let me go through them for ya:

The Lego Zapper is really cool but I am not sure if it’s practical, you can check out the mod page here.

Here’s AK47 Nintendo Wii Zapper for all you shooting-freaks.

Here’s a Nintendo-retro REAL Zapper that uses NES Zapper. (You need to register to see content)

Here’s a cool Clear Pistol Gun Zapper, I personally like this one the best since it’s small yet versatile.

Here’s cereal box Zapper, it’s a great way to recycle too so we are giving this guy the “Zedomax Eco-Zapper Award”.

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