Sound DIY – How to Install Surround Sound Flatwire 5.1 Wiring!

Apartment Therapy has an intensive DIY on how to install your own surround-sound flatwire 5.1 wiring.  This would be great for anyone who’s trying to install some nice set of surround-sound speakers.

We have been watching movies projected on our wall for prolly 4 to 5 years at this point and listening to the audio on various small stereo systems in 2.1. Really great, honestly, nothing to complain about. The thing is that we now work for the most influential tech blog on the planet and we have appearances to keep up. What has been the problem in getting it all going? We even have a surround sound amplifier and speakers but we just haven’t had them hooked up for fear or our little nest becoming too… nestlike. We have the same problem as everyone else: WIRING!
A lot of you out there live in apartments or condos or somewhere where cutting up your walls is either against the rules or is too hard to deal with. We happen to be at the end of a remodel and it’s still too much trouble. WIRING SUCKS.

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