Sprint Pro-Rating Early Termination Fees!

Here’s a breaking news that will actually help consumers to save money while helping them get new phones without paying the traditional, outrageous $200 early-termination fees.

As a Sprint user, I can testify that it’s easier for me to get a new phone with this new pro-rating.  Finally, consumers have won a long-battle with the telecommunication companies.

I also think this will actually benefit the telecommunication companies more as people can now start buying new cellphones without waiting for their contract to end.

I think U.S. is one of the only countries with these “bastardized” early termination fees.

Finally, some sense goes into American laws.  Thank you Uncle Sam. 🙂

Chief Executive Dan Hesse said Tuesday in an interview with The Associated Press that Sprint could start lowering the early termination fees as soon as December, once the company updates its billing software. The fee of $200 or more is charged to wireless subscribers who end their service before their two-year contract ends.

The greatest part is that Sprint users who did pay such early termination fees might be getting some of their well deserved money back:

A California judge this summer said such fees likely violate state law and ordered Sprint to reimburse customers more than $73 million. Days before that ruling, Verizon Wireless agreed to settle an identical lawsuit for $21 million.


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