Remote Fireworks Launcher!

Here’s a cool Remote Fireworks Launcher for launching those fireworks on Independence Day or New Years.

Although crude, this remote fireworks launcher will allow you to launch up to 5 fireworks at one time.

Bookmark this page if you are going to need this on the 1st of next year.


  • Launch Kontrol has been developed to make the use of fireworks as safe as possible
  • Reduce the chance of injury by launching fireworks without a flame and at a safe distance
  • Compact, small and portbale to take and use anywhere
  • Set of fireworks with a remote control at a distance of up to 25 metres
  • Launch module stores only one remote ID at a time, no risk of other remotes setting fireworks off
  • Huge random code library, use many systems in one environment
  • Launch up to 5 fireworks in sequence per module
  • 12 second safety time from when the module is turned on
  • Module uses 3 x AA batteries (supplied) and remote CR2025 (supplied)
  • Pack contains remote transmitter, module receiver and 3 x 5-way E-Clips
  • E-clips burn when used and therefore must be replaced after use
  • Replacement launch E-clips available (A56JA)

via ohgizmo, Product Page

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