Halloween DIY – How to Make Photo Pumpkins!

The country has been going crazy lately with all these Obama fans making their own Obama fan Halloween pumpkins.  Well, here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make such photo pumpkins so you can make one for your lover’s face too.

If you’re going to carve a pumpkin, you might as well make it really awesome. And a photo pumpkin is about as awesome as you can get!

Carve your pumpkins the same day you want to display them, since finely carved details will deteriorate quickly as the pumpkin begins to spoil. If you want to keep your pumpkin around for a while, you can buy fake pumpkins at craft stores. We are not making this up. They’re made of foam, but you can carve them like regular pumpkins. Weird, right?

via photojojo

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