Electric Skateboard goes 20MPH!


There’s been a lot of makers of electric skateboards in the past, even a skateboard brake.

Well, here’s a company called Altered USA that has launched its line of super electric skateboards that can go 20MPH no problem.  As a skateboarder myself, I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these beauties, of course, you need to pay around $599 to $799 so start filling up your piggy bank.

Pushing, pumping, tic-tacking, it’s all so pathetically 90’s. Get over it. The skateboards of the future are all electric. And OK, it may not work for flippy-do tricks but harnessing the energy of the Exkate electric skateboard is the closest feeling to surfing you’re ever going to get on the pavement. Commanding a respectable 20 mph with a wireless handheld controller, your feet never leave the board as you carve your way all over town. And with around 10 miles to a full charge, you’ll be tripping. Until someone invents the Hoverboard, this baby is it!

via technabob, Product Page

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  1. I’m impressed. If the price was a little cheaper I’d get one for my sister kids.

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