Zedomax Halloween Costume/Pumpkin/Home Decoration Ideas!

Well, it’s going to be that time of the year, Halloween, one of my favorite American Holidays and here’s a re-cap of various different Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Ideas:

Halloween Costume Ideas:

Spacesuit Halloween Costume might be a great way to scare your neighbors and score extra candy.

Learn how to make a severed hand, this is a great way to shake hands with people on Halloween.

Bring the party with you with this Disco Ball Costume, everyone will love to dance with you.


Make one of these LED hats, that should be more than a costume regardless of what you wear.

Of course, you can also make one of these Halloween LED Tridents to go along with your LED hat.


One of my older Halloween favorites is these Wolverine Claws that can retract and poke.

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas:

How to Make Fantasy Pumpkin – Learn to make unique pumpkin!

Solar Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns are great way to conserve energy during this Halloween.

There’s also bunch of “crafty” ways to dress up your pumpkin if you are that type.


Cyclone Pumpkin is a great idea to weird out your Halloween.

Even better, check out the talking Halloween basket I made 2 years ago.

Home Decorations:

Learn how to make bottomless pits, your neighbor kids will love it.

You will gross out everyone who comes to your door with this yucky rat feast mod.

For geeky-halloween, you can re-use and re-make these Mac-O-Lanterns.

Motion-activated spider will be the greatest Halloween front-door prank ever.

Put couple of these Spooky eyes by your windows and you are guaranteed a good laugh.

How about a Pumpkin Wreath for your front door?

DIY Pop-out coffin is a classic.


A motorized ghost is a great idea too although it will take you awhile to make.


Talking Skull will definitely be a great prank for scaring all those little kids. (not that you should but it’s Halloween!)


Halloween UFO can easily be made from recycled big cans.

Need more?

Also check out the Spider Web Gun you can make to decorate your house with lots and lots of fake spider webs.  Halo 3 Master Chief costume is a great idea for any Halo-fans out there.  If you need fake scars, learn how to make fake scars here.  There’s also a free circuit diagram for making your own Halloween Strobe Light.

DIY Halloween Cave Eyes is another great way to decorate the outside of your house.

For starters, this Bloodbath Fountain will scare the numbnuts out of your trick-or-treaters.

Well, that should be enough ideas for you to go out there and make a Halloween costume, a unique pumpkin, or even house decorations.

Other Cool Resources for Halloween Costume Ideas:

CostumeIdeaZone has some great budget Halloween Costume Ideas that are simple to make.

More Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas here.

If you like movies, check out Halloween Costume Ideas based on Movies and Actors.

About.com also has great resource of Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples.

If you have any other cool ideas, make sure to send them to me at zedomax [at] gmail.com.

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