Halloween DIY – How to Make a Fantasy Pumpkin!

If you are looking for some “quality” ways to juice up your Halloween pumpkin, Hallmark Magazine has a great DIY on how to make a fantasy pumpkin.

You’ll Need
3 ornate metal belt buckles
1 pumpkin, about 12 inches tall
Pencil or marker
Craft glue
1 ornate lamp finial
Cordless drill fitted with ¼-inch bit
4 gourds, about 4 inches tall
2 quarter-inch dowel rods, cut to the approximate diameter of your pumpkin
4 ornate drawer pulls
Heavy-gauge florist’s wire

1. Trace the inside of each belt buckle on the pumpkin with a pencil and cut to create openings for two windows and a door. Glue the hardware over the openings. Remove or cut down the stem until it’s even with the flesh of the pumpkin, and twist the finial into the top.

2. To create wheels, drill a hole through the center of each gourd. Insert one dowel rod into the holes of two gourds to create an axle, and secure with glue. Repeat to create a second set of wheels. Finish off all four wheels by inserting a drawer pull into the outside hole of each gourd for hubcaps.

3. Line up the two sets of wheels next to each other at about the same width as your pumpkin. Then wrap wire from one dowel rod to the other to fasten the axles together and to create a webbing for the pumpkin carriage to sit on.

4. Gently place your carriage on the wire.

OR get the PDF

via neatorama,Hallmark Magazine

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