This is wrong…in America.


Okay, I am normally neutral as far as politics are concerned but this is wrong and it’s in America.  I don’t want my kids to ever even hear about stuff like this.

As an Asian American who grew up in South Korea, at least I can see outside the “Black and White” world of America.  As a person in the middle of the two races and an immigrant who saw racism here and there, I cannot say enough that this must stop.

Even if this political race was about Black and White people, I’d still say that voting for a Black person would actually be better for this country, which has had a long history of white presidents.

Why?  Well, as an Asian person who really doesn’t side on White nor Black, (although I have many diverse friends including black,white, and even gay people) I see the future where people won’t give so much attention to “race” if Obama becomes President.  As far as “race” is concerned, no one will care anymore since people can now think, “Yes, a President can be White or Black, RACE does not matter in anything politics.  Period.  And yes some day in the distant future, I am sure there will be a Korean-decendant American President.

Damn, I put the axe down there huh?  But you can’t blame me, I am only really the “outsider” who can see outside the box, all you white and black people, you can’t.

Anyways, to conclude, Obama isn’t even officially, fully black since his mother is white and his father wasn’t really American “Black” per say, but he was from Kenya studying to be a doctor.  (Yes, as far as I am concerned, Obama ain’t black yo, he’s probably more white-washed than most of you white people, heck, I am surprised he talks so “white”, I wish he used some more slangs.)

Why do I say this?  Ah ha, because one of my best friend’s is half black and half white.

So America, get this right:

Tiger Woods ain’t black, he’s actually more Thai since his dad is half black and half Indian.  Yes, Tiger Woods is more Asian than anything, hello???

Obama ain’t black, he’s simply mixed, a perfect “race” candidate who can deal with this really fuc*ed up nation of black, white, and asian people.  (We seriously need a Female President in the future with races mixed up of Black, White, and Asian some day… that woman will never cross the “race” line as far as politics is concerned)

You people in the video forget one important thing in life, race doesn’t matter, it’s who wins. 🙂

That’s my 2 cents on life, it will only hurt you to compare yourself to other people based on race or even sexual preference for the matter, it’s the exact same shi+.

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    I am with you all the way on this Max.

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