SEO and Adsense Hack – Best of SEO an Adsense Optimization Blog Posts!

Well, I have been writing a lot of my blogging “secrets” over at my Adsense Optimization Blog, Zedomax.Biz.

Today, I decided to clean up some posts and add a “recommended posts” section where you can check out my best advices on how to increase more web traffic and also make money online.

For those of you who are into that, please go ahead and knock yourself out:

Best of Adsense Optimization Blog Posts

Adsense and Chitika Optimization Map – This is probably what you need if you are looking for Adsense optimization. It’s a heat map I use on all my blogs to maximize my Adsense income.

Add Adsense Link Units to your Content – This is another way to boost extra 30% of your Adsense income by placing Link Unit ads (separate from regular ads) within your content by hacking WordPress blog platform.

Best of SEO optimization Blog Posts

How to Build SEO authority with outbound Links – This post shows you how to utilize outbound links on your blog to build SEO.

Definition of Blogging – You need to know the different types of blogging, as there’s no clear definition, I have defined two different ways most bloggers “blog”.

How to show up #1 on Google – Here’s a simple exercise you can do to learn about basic SEO and get a “feel” for how search engines work. (and also how you can take advantage by predicting future “searches”)

Pagerank is Overrated – Here’s a brief explanation of why you should concentrate more on content and web traffic while Pagerank should be a secondary thing.

How to Make SEO Friendly Titles – This is the simplest way you can gain massive traffic from search engines, simply by SEO optimizing your blog post title.

4 Responses to SEO and Adsense Hack – Best of SEO an Adsense Optimization Blog Posts!

  1. does tags on a blog help in page rank increase or internal links only

  2. max says:

    tags definitely help and it’s a must, including technorati tags too.

  3. Hey, a lot of good tricks here. Will read them all for sure. You never know what tip will raise your CTR by 1%.

  4. I think you need to write these into an ebook and sell them, normal ppl dont think to hack wordpress to increase their adsence ctr.

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