iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Stand from iPhone Plastic Packaging!

It’s usually the simple ideas that makes us go, “Wow, I could’ve thought of that!” and here’s a cool iPhone hack that shows you how to make an iPhone stand from iPhone plastic packaging.  Wow!

Of course, if you threw all your packaging away (or recycled it I hope), you can always refer to this DIY on how to make iPhone stand with paper clips.

I’d been after a nice looking digital clock for the bedroom for ages, so I was pleased with the ‘Digital Clock’ app from the iPhone App Store. It’s quite customizable (colour, brightness and digit style) and auto-rotates. Only problem is you have to leave it on all night—which used to drain the battery almost flat, until I discovered Airplane Mode!

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2 Responses to iPhone Hack – How to Make an iPhone Stand from iPhone Plastic Packaging!

  1. Hi Max, this is truly a great idea for the Iphone. I dont think that Apple ever thought of all the uses for their phone when they made it. Apple should have a competition based on the bast use and the wackiest use of the Iphone.

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