DIY – How to Make Solar Heater from Recycled Campaign Signs!


Well, nevermind what’s wrong in America these days, let’s put our focus on more positive DIYs that might actually entertain us.  I’ve also updated my About page as it was pointing to the wrong page with original logo of Zedomax. (if you are interested…haha…thanks Nicole for pointing that out.)

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make solar heater from recycled campaign signs.  This video was made way before the political campaign so no real campaign signs are used here but you can now.  (Go steal some of your opponent’s signs)

Dan Rojas suggests that in about a month’s time there will be a fair amount of corrugated plastic signs littering people’s yards across the US that could be about perfect for the job. The presenters claim that the device can provide temperature increases of as much as 45 degrees, and it’s rediculously inexpensive to build.

via treehugger

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  1. ha ha ha. yeah, a great and fun way to install your own solar power. i believe DIY is the way to go.The costs of having a company do it for you are prohibitive to the normal family at present

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