DIY Wild Wild West Hummer Spotted in UK!

Usually, the term “Wild Wild West” refers to the western region of United States, most likely pointing at the old California gold-rush spots, but in this case, a UK resident has created a “Wild Wild West” Hummer that utilizes wooden wheel from the “Wild Wild West” horse carriages.

Of course, you’d probably don’t want to go over 40MPH on those wheels but it’s a fancy, bastardized retro-art, so please just enjoy it.  But yes, I’d like to see how wooden wheels would look on a Ferrari or Lamborghini too.

It’s parked outside the Royal Academy of Arts in London and was created by an artist named Matthew Harrison. According to the press release, he “has combined the legendary off-road vehicle with ‘Wild West’ wooden wheels to create a sculpture that is a mixture of art, engineering and motoring. For Harrison, “the crux of the ‘Hummer’ is formed by both its ‘being’ and its afterlife.”

via autoblog

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