Food Hack – How to Make Refried Beans!

Well, my favorite Mexican food is authentic Super Burritos with spinach tortilla, refried beans, lots of jalapenos, and everything on it.  If you wanted to make some refried beans homemade style, here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to do that.

This would be also great way to feed your kids some “healthy” refried beans instead of the stuff that’s been sitting on grocery stands for weeks.

Refried Beans! The Man will sell it to you for generally $1.00 or more for maybe 12 oz of cooked beans, and the other 3 ounces some oils, salts, and other flavorings. I can get 1 lb of dried pinto beans for $0.49, and then after soaking and cooking, its really around 2 lbs of refried goodness. All bean, all pure, vegetarian, fat free, and no Hydrogenated fats in it.

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