Solar Ski Jacket charges your iPhone/Blackberry while you Ski downhill!

For most of us who live in either California or a four-seasoned land, winter is coming up and you know what that means, time to ski or snowboard.

Well, here’s a great way to re-charge your iPhone, Blackberry, or any other gadgets for the matter while you “slope” downhill.

At $1350, this solar ski jacket ain’t cheap but it will definitely help you stay in touch without fear of losing battery power while you are on the mountains all day long.

The best part is that you can take off the collar anytime, so you can use it to charge your gadgets even when you are back at home. The Ermenegildo Zegna solar-powered ski jacket retails for $1,350. If you are looking to go green and shout out that message to the world, this solar powered ski jacket is worth a pick and yes, it doesn’t even look that bad.

via bornrich, Product Page(It looks like their site is down, it must be on a shared server)

2 Responses to Solar Ski Jacket charges your iPhone/Blackberry while you Ski downhill!

  1. Chris G says:

    Sweet jacket.

    You should also check out the Snocator app for iPhone.

    Snocator is the ultimate ski and snowboard guide for iPhone. It automatically shows you where you are on a trail map, which no other iPhone ski app does. You can pan and zoom the map all around the resort and plan your day. Snocator also has weather and snow reports, mountain cams, etc.

    Check it out at or

  2. Ipod Info says:

    Nice jacket. Would be nice if there were more colors available. Although, after reading the product description on their site, it looks as though it is a beta type product and not very many are available. The solar power is just for you media devices and not a means for keeping you warm. Not a must own luxury item, but something for the rich and famous at this point, until the price comes down, anyways.

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