Solar Powered Fridge on a Camel!

Here’s a really neat idea, a solar powered fridge for camels so you can keep all your drinks while traveling with the Camel. This was actually primarily for transporting vaccines in the hot desert areas but heck, I’d use it to cool my beer too.

In transit, the lightweight, foldable solar panel powers the camel-pack refrigeration system. Once the camel convoy arrives at the remote health clinic site, the panel can be used in combination with larger solar panels to provide power for the health clinic. A foot-powered system provides backup and provides light in the clinic during extended operational hours when solar power is not available.

via make, treehugger

2 Responses to Solar Powered Fridge on a Camel!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    This is a great idea and I can think of hundreds of end uses for similar terrain in other parts of the world

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t got a camel. No need for one in London 🙂 but i guess it’s a good idea for those long journeys through the desert

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