Obama or McCain?

Well, I did get a little harsh on Palin the other day, our reader Nicole Price from GreatPricesHere.com left a comment that did get my attention and I’ve had enough of this Political drama between Obama and McCain.

Frankly, I take no sides in this political campaign but McCain is too OLD to be President.

I really like how McCain answer gay marriage question, couldn’t he just say that gay marriage should be allowed since if it’s not, it’s a prejudice against sexual orientation, thus against U.S. Constitution?

Here’s a funny clip from Saturday Night Live where McCain says being old is one of the characteristics a President should have.

Well, I think being old has nothing to do with ANYTHING.  Look at Tiger Woods, he beat the crap out of everyone who’s OLD, made a new game out of golf.

Well, I am not taking sides here but McCain is definitely not it, I just don’t want to see another Bush marathon of U.S. economy collapse and $700 billion spent on rich people.  Just think about what happened yesterday when AIG decided to use $400,000 on corporate outing when their company is part of that $700 billion that I might be paying for!  Here’s the protest video.  I even predicted this couple days ago

Okay, now you can tell me why you want to vote for Obama or McCain.  Let me go on blogging again now. 🙂



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