DIY Modular Floor Tiles for Hardwood Floors!

Looking for some new carpet that will spice up your hardwood floors?  Well, FLOR sells some of really awesome modular floor tiles you can get to decorate your livingroom in a whole new way.  Plus, I think this will be great if you have toddlers and hard floors.  With thiese floor tiles, you can easily set aside some room for your kids to play on.

Best yet, this FLOR company also uses eco-friendly, recycled materials for their floor tiles.

FLOR carpet squares let you easily design area rugs to fit any size space or install wall-to-wall in minutes. Available in a variety of beautiful colors, patterns and textures, FLOR’s easy-to-install tiles give you creative control over the largest canvas in your home – your floors!

Eco-friendly and recyclable, FLOR is the perfect combination of style, practicality and responsibility. Proving that green really can be beautiful, easy, flexible and above all else, attainable.

via theinspiredroom, Product Page

2 Responses to DIY Modular Floor Tiles for Hardwood Floors!

  1. jason says:

    Really it looks beautiful.these carpet gives a different touch to the hardwood floor.and the pictures are beautiful.

  2. Very nice post. Will tweet now.

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