Best Green Web Hosting Companies Reviewed!

I personally do not use green web hosting due to the fact that there’s no green hosting companies that can provide dedicated servers that match my requirements but if you are looking for a cheap shared hosting for your next web project, you might want to consider the Top 7 best green web hosting companies from our sister blog Keetsa:

Host Price/Month Domains Bandwidth Disk Links
Good Avocado $4.99 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Good Avocado
HostPapa $5.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited HostPapa
Ethical $7.00 1-30 1-6 GB 1.1GB EthicalHost
ThinkHost $7.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited ThinkHost
HostGator $7.95 Unlimited 6,000 GB 600 GB HostGator
DreamHost $9.95 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited DreamHost
SolarEnergyHost $9.95 Unlimited 3-10 GB 10GB SolarEnergyHost

(The above chart lists green hosting companies in the order of price per month.)

via keetsa eco-friendly blog, Zedomax Blog Network

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