Windows Vista Tips – How to Recover to an Earlier Point in Time!

Today, I decided to buy a new laptop since my previous two $2000 HP laptops keep dying on me constantly.

I did get a Dell Inspiron 1525 for about $600 at my local BestBuy.  It turns out the laptop gives you bang for your dollar.

Although I do hate even saying Vista as of lately, I decided to give it another go and see if Vista would stay on the laptop as it came with it.  The funniest thing happened though, I got the “unlimited” blue screens of death after installing one of my older programs.  This was the worst unlimited blue screens of death I’ve got in my 21 years career of using Microsoft’s products.

After installing that program, I’d get the blue screen of death whether I booted in Safe Mode or not.

So, if I wasn’t tech-savvy, I’d have to take it to the GeekSquad at BestBuy and spend another couple hundred bucks to fix it.  (Yes, let me also add that the BestBuy sales guy was worst than car salesman, he tried to sell me “optimization” and “virus protection” for MONEY, how fu*ked up is that?  I told him to shut the fu*k up and hand me the laptop so I can pay cash for it.  He actually agreed finally that I was right and he’s only doing his “job” as there are cameras watching him.)

Well, you can solve this problem by recovering Vista to an earlier point in time, similar to VMWare’s System Restore feature.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Press F8 at boot to enter the recovery mode.

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2) Select “System Restore” and you will be able to select which “time” you want to recover the whole system to.

Now, I was very impressed that Vista had this capability to restore to a point in time.  But the bad news is that I should have been able to boot my Vista at least in Safe Mode.  I have never encountered such bad blue screen of death on my Windows XPs but this was just devastating for your average Joe user.

Again, I confirm the horribleness of Vista but I will keep using it on my laptop for now, just to see if I can come up with more hacks and write it on this blog.

It’s funny because the first 386DX-25Mhz PC computer was the very first computer I bought when I was 9 years old.  On the first day, somehow I deleted from my MS-DOS operating system, of course made by Microsoft.  After that, I had to wait couple days so my parents could take the 30 pound PC back to the Chinese computer makers couple hours away so they could install for me.

You see, Microsoft has been making vulnerable operating system since MS-DOS, how can you allow the user to erase (Kinda stupid idea that you let that even happen without any security locks)

It was probably that first time I bought my PC that I fell in love with hacking, well, it seems like I do have to re-live my horrible operating system nightmares once in awhile.

I wonder how many people in the world do the same thing that I do, well, let me keep trying Vista and see if it gets any worse than today.

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