Design – iSleep Pillow uses Laptop Vents to give you soft naps!

Here’s a fun design for a USB Pillow iSleep, it uses the Laptop fan vents to inflate itself.

This might be a good way to sleep on the job but then again, I rather stick to my Keetsa Eco-Friendly hybrid memory form/spring bed that gives me a real rest.

This painfull experience will now stop! Now there is i -sleep, a comfortable soft pillow which can be attached on the top of each leptop and functiones like a rescue west in an airplane – with the difference…it really saves us. If we tend to fall asleep, we just close our laptop, a pillow gets filled with warm air, music is being played and after 10 minutes the alarm clock rings. Bonne nuit!

via ohgizmo, Design Page

One Response to Design – iSleep Pillow uses Laptop Vents to give you soft naps!

  1. Web Marketing Man says:

    What a brilliant idea, as planes are getting so small these days, anything to help us sleep is great expecially if it attached to my laptop. As for the pillow well maybe it will help with my soar neck.

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