PC Hack – How to Passively Cool your Computer without PC Fans!

PC fans have always been a major component of PCs in the last decade but there’s a way you can passively cool your computer using no fans at all.  You can follow this cool DIY on how to passively cool your computer without any fans, it could be a great knowledge just in case you need to build a completely, noise-free computer.

I have wanted to build a fully passively cooled computer case since I had my first Athlon Thunderbird 800 MHz. That time the fan noise was amazingly high, and manufacturers didn´t much care about the noise levels, and didn’t offer products for building a quiet PC. Nowadays a quiet PC is not much of a challenge to build, but totally silent? It would require that there were no moving parts at all. But of cource there has to be the compromise of a hard-drive. One could buy a SSD drive, but at least I don’t have that kind of money to spend. 🙂

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4 Responses to PC Hack – How to Passively Cool your Computer without PC Fans!

  1. SSD harddisk prices are dropping significantly, it will soon be a viable alternative.

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  3. I agree. Once the price of ssd drives comes down more people will try this option.

  4. Foxy Fashion says:

    The passively cooled components take more space though … Example here is the picture, lots of space for the cooling to happen, but you have to be able to build this inside a normal sized case …

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