Ab Solo – Tried it and it’s decent!


I’ve seen this Ab Solo machine at my local gym about 9 months ago and sadly, it’s a good machine but I find it an ineffective, expensive ab machine.

Of course, it’d be good for gyms, but I would have second thoughts about having one in my house, it’s too bulky, expensive, and the balls are kinda dangerous. I actually have experience breaking one of my fingers doing these exercise, I highly recommend you stay away from this type of exercise, there’s so many other safer ab machines out there.

I’ve even seen this machine break down on the first couple days of use.

Just getting my 2 cents in on the gadget world with real consumer experiences on this product.  Don’t shoot me now, Ab Solo.  We consumers only want the truth, not the hype. :p

If you wanna make it better, I suggest you start with safer balls that won’t end up in broken fingers and lawsuits.

The revolutionary new Absolo core abdominal intensive training system has created an international fitness phenomenon. Facilities, trainers and exercisers are raving about this interactive, fun and effective way to develop abdominal strength, cardio endurance and muscle coordination. Watch the Absolo video, and call us today at 941-955-9120.

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