Stumbleupon launches its Toolbar-less Browsing Feature!

Stumbleupon launches its Toolbar-less browsing feature, of course, it seems that they have picked on our ideas from SiteHoppin, which is originally based on Toolbar-less browsing.

You can test both out yourself and judge which one is better, I still think my SiteHoppin rocks over SU’s new toolbar-lessness.

Test out SU Web Version

Test out SH Web Version

Another great news that I should be telling the world is that SiteHoppin will become the first “open-source” platform.  (that will be released under GNU license as a MediaWiki extension.  You can stay updated on that on my MediaWiki page)

The reason I am going open-source is to open the development of SiteHoppin to the world, just like Google Android, Google Chrome, etc…etc…

Besides that, I don’t have whole lotta time to develop SiteHoppin anymore, it takes me all day to code the site.  It would be great if I can share my knowledge to the world and also have other developers contribute to the “knowledge”.

But first, we will be going through an “image” change from beers to something more appropriate.  We have been messing around too much and partying it up but we should be back in full-force with some open-source code and official “launch” as we are still in beta for last 10 months.

One Response to Stumbleupon launches its Toolbar-less Browsing Feature!

  1. Foxy Fashion says:

    I just use the SU toolbar … I don’t mind having the toolbar, you can turn it off if it takes too much space ….

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