Samsung SWC-E100 ExpressCard and WiMAX is in Baltimore!

Well, the great news is that WiMAX service that I have been complaining about for years is finally here but only still in Baltimore.

We should expect WiMAX to become available in more areas and why is this good?

WiMAX is about 5-10 times faster than Sprint’s CDMA network, meaning this WiMAX broadband card will allow you to surf at Cable DSL speeds anywhere you go.

But until there’s more coverage, you will have to wait.

This WiMAX card is actually cheaper than most broadband cards out on the market today at $59.99 plus there’s no contract, a really good deal if you ask me.

As it’s the first of its kind, the E100 is the only XOHM card we’ve tested so far, so we can’t compare it to other WiMAX equipment. Our overall average speeds were 2.3Mbps down and 915Kbps up, which fits into Sprint’s advertised range of 2-4 megabits down and 500-1500Kbps up. But speeds varied widely depending on signal strength: we achieved downloads as fast as 7.1 megabits, and as slow as 620 kilobits.

via pcworld

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