Pyramid DIY – How to Build a Pyramid!

If you are looking into Pyramid-related businesses (of course, we think all businesses are somewhat a pyramid-scheme), here’s a great article on how pyramids are actually built.

The first theory is that a ramp was built on one side of the pyramid and as the pyramid grew, the ramp was raised so that throughout the construction, blocks could be moved right up to the top. If the ramp were too steep, the men hauling the blocks would not be able to drag them up. An 8-percent slope is about the maximum possible, and this is the problem with the single ramp theory. With such a gentle incline, the ramp would have to be approximately one mile long to reach the top of the pyramid. But there is neither room for such a long ramp on the Giza Plateau, nor evidence of such a massive construction. Also, a mile-long ramp would have had as great a volume as the pyramid itself, virtually doubling the man-hours needed to build the pyramid. Because the straight ramp theory just doesn’t work, several pyramid experts have opted for a modified ramp theory.

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  1. Foxy Fashion says:

    There was this guy who displayed a way to lift huge blocks without much force using little planks and little tricks.

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