Automakers get $25 Billion from Bush, God dang it!

Our President Bush, the most miserable failure in history of the United States, decides to sign another bill that will allow automakers to borrow $25 Billion, adding to the national deficit of $700 billion.(or is it $800 billion)

Whatever the case is, this is kind of an outrageous stuff because I would have never voted for this bill to pass.  I don’t see how pumping more money into the auto industry will help our economy, maybe create more factory jobs.

While the U.S. banking industry is still waiting for Congress to give it a $700 billion hand, President Bush signed into law last night the spending bill that gives U.S. automakers $25 billion in loans to get their collective act together.

But unlike when a bank deems you worthy of their money, the Big Three won’t be getting any cash for some time. Despite the companys’ CEOs saying repeatedly how they were desperate for help and how automotive life as they know it would end if they didn’t get financial help, there’s at least a 60-day delay until they can cash this check.

This is exactly the reason why our economy is failing and getting worse.  Can someone please give George Bush a blowjob tomorrow so we can impeach the day after that?  Another miserable failure act from the worst President in history who has his name more associated with the sewer plant in San Francisco than any kind of brains.

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7 Responses to Automakers get $25 Billion from Bush, God dang it!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Wow Max, you are brutal on the poor fellow. What other choice does he really have?

  2. max says:

    yes that’s for sure, but Bush is really is to blame for current US economic situations. For god-sakes, we are entering a mini-Depression now thanks to him.

  3. I believe the bill still has to go through the House before it’s fully passed right?

    What is crazy is that all these big businesses were allowed to lend mortgages to anyone with poor credit (bad move!), and to think that so many banks all had their hands in the abysmal cookie jar just shows how bad (or unregulated) the banking system was.

    Now “poor” car companies aren’t going to make their multi-billion dollar profit targets as a result? At the end of the day it was the “everyday man” who made these guys rich and it’ll be the same people who bail them out (taxes).

    I figured one day the economy would “correct itself”…just didn’t realise it would basically fall apart. I don’t think we’ve seen the worst of it yet folks!

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