Korean Food Hack – How to Make Kimchi!

Kimchi is a traditional food in Korea, lettuce marinated in spices with vegetables, fish sauce, and more.  Kimchi is a great way to get all your vitamins while keeping your stomach filled with good bacteria that your body needs.

There’s also many varieties and types of kimchees with different ingredient depending on what region of Korea the kimchee-maker is from.  (This is due to the number of different regions/countries Korea used to have/has.)

The above pic actually illustrates a big pot that people make right at the beginning of winter.  Once the pot is filled with marinated Kimchee, it is stuck under the freezing-snow for 3 months.  Once that’s done, you got some really good Kimchee.  Nowdays, they have Kimchee fridges that do this, which you can also pick up at the Korean market for around $1000 to $3000.

Just an advice: If you want to buy some authentic Kimchi, buy Kimchi from a Korean market, don’t buy the ones from Safeway, Chinese market, etc…etc…  Well, that’s if you want the real Kimchi, not some crappy copycat that’s going to taste horrible.  Just an advice from someone who knows Kimchi inside out.

Oh yeah, if you want to pick up on Kimchee girls, you will have to learn to master the taste of Kimchee, they will be impressed for sheezy.

Here’s a cool set of pics I picked up on Flickr the other day, directly from the Kimchee Museum in Korea.

Tightly wrap the stuffed cabbages with the trimmed off outer leaves and put them in an earthenware pot for the fermentation process and storage.

via flickr

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3 Responses to Korean Food Hack – How to Make Kimchi!

  1. Kimchi is the best. I always buy it from a local korean market. The parents of a friend of mine have a huge kimchi refrigerator and they make it the best, even better than at markets or in restaurants. Whenever they have extra, I am always happy to take it off of their hands 🙂

  2. Nicole Price says:

    You are making me drool. I have had some Kimchi and always found it very nutritious.

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