HDTV Hack – How to Convert your RPTV/DLPTV into a 100-inch TV!

Here’s a cool DIY on how to turn your rear projection TV (or DLPTV) into a 100-inch cinema screen by ripping the front of your TV and adding a bigger screen further away.

I do like it but I assume that the video quality will degrade when doing this so don’t blame me because everything gets bigger after this hack.

I bought Sony KDFE50A10 rear projection TV that has 50″ screen. After an year or so, I started to feel like the screen size is shrinking, really, ask any one who has a big screen TV. I wanted to buy a projector and have 100″ screen. But with more than $2500 already invested, the WAF (Wife Approval Factor) is zero. So, I have been thinking to convert this RPTV into a rear projector, but I couldn’t find any help on the net.

via hackaday, DIY PAGE

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