DIY – How to Save Earth through Green Commuting!

With the gas prices these days, it makes sense that you do your part to help cut down on energy costs.

Here’s a couple tips for green commuting:

1. If you drive an SUV or anything that guzzles gas more than 20MPG, you should really either get a smaller vehicle for commuting or take public transportation.

2. If you want to have fun while saving gas, try getting yourself a motorcycle such as the Suzuki GSX-R1000 pictured above, you will get 50MPG+ on every commute to work while being able to cut through dense traffic.  (In California, it’s legal to drive between cars, of course, this isn’t super safe but pretty safe if you are in a dead-stop traffic.)  This is the method I used to use when I had a 9 to 5 (8 to 5 actually) job.

Electric cars are great but they still get you stuck in traffic with its massive body, a bike is probably the most efficient way to get around without having to spend more time in public transportation or dead-stop traffic.

3. Public transportation is great for saving some money and you can relax while going to work.  Even better, get a netbook equipped with a broadband card then you can surf the web while going to work.  Map out the shortest public route using Google’s bus route feature.  (I use this on my Blackberry on the go if I am taking buses in San Francisco and works great for real-time adjustments)

4. Move to an urban area with lots of people and public transportation, preferably a metrolpolitan city such as San Francisco or New York.  If you are going to live in LA, you will have to suffer the consequences of bad traffic and long travels between “anything”.  Avoid cities where you must drive a lot or in constant traffic.

Metropolitan cities dense with population usually means short walking distances to most things in life such as groceries, retail shops, etc…etc…  On an average, people in big cities save more energy since a big percentage of people use transportation and are also more green-conscious.

I have to admit to living in a suburban neighborhood where it took 5 miles to get to 7-eleven or even a gas station, that’s a big waste anytime you want to do something.

If you really feel you can’t be a city slicker, you will need to get the Suzuki Gixxer man…

5. If you job can be done from your home computer, ask your boss if you can work from home at least once a week.  Everybody’s doing this and if your boss says no, he’s called an A-hole.

6. If you do drive your car, make a short to-do list of where and what so you get everything done efficiently.

7. Turn your electronic devices off when not in use such as the cable box, lights, etc…etc…

8. STAY AWAY FROM TRAFFIC whenever possible.  Always schedule yourself to stay out of rush traffic hours.

I used to go to work 5 in the morning just so I could avoid traffic, you should too since early bird eats the worm.

Well, I am sure there’s more stuff you can do, it’s really common sense and trying to help earth will also help your life.

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