DIY Skatebrake Kit for High Speed Downhill Skateboarding!

Check out these cool Skatebrakes that will add brakes to your skateboard.  Of course, this isn’t really practical for freestyling on the streets but it will definitely help if you live in area like San Francisco where steep hills will make it impossible for you to ride continuously.

With this brake kits, fear no more 45 degree hills in San Francisco, just apply the brakes if you happen to slide down too fast.  I think even if you are an advanced skateboarder, this will help in really steep hills as it’s annoying to put your right foot down everytime you are going too fast.

And yes, this would be really great for picking up chicks on your skateboard.

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One Response to DIY Skatebrake Kit for High Speed Downhill Skateboarding!

  1. Rothrock says:

    dude! is this stuff real?

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