AT&T trying to screw up Consumers again, this time with DirecTV!

As if buying Cingular Wireless last year just to get the iPhone on AT&T’s side and providing users with crappy 3G service wasn’t enough, AT&T is now going to try screwing us again with Satellite TV from DirecTV.

As a long customer of AT&T (couple years ago), I am glad I made the choice to never buy or use any of their products until they die a horrible death.  Well, literally, AT&T is full of crap and the only reason they are surviving is the fact that their deceptive marketing is so good.

Now, I don’t even like any cable or satellite companies, but AT&T, I do hate with passion. (Yes, only if their customer support team was able to refund all my monies that might change but heck, they are a big giant poop to me now.)

Help my cause and please boycott AT&T at all possible costs.  You can buy the iPod Touch, just don’t buy an iPhone with AT&T.  (crap, it’s crap, get the G-phone)

AT&T will market and sell a co-branded version of DirecTV’s satellite TV service after Jan. 31, 2009 — a deal that will leave Dish Network without a major reseller partner.

Financial details of the non-equity agreement, announced late Friday, were not disclosed.

DirecTV has similar agreements with Verizon Communications, which markets the direct-broadcast satellite service in areas where it doesn’t offer FiOS TV, as well as Qwest Communications International.

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