Amazon Hack – How to Watch Free Amazon Videos!

Here’s a cool hack I found on Yahoo News, it’s a hack that lets you watch free Amazon videos using the security hole:

(I don’t think this will last too long once Amazon finds out so we suggest you to take advantage before they close the security hole)

The free demo version of Replay Media Catcher allows anyone to watch 75 percent of anything recorded and 100 percent of YouTube videos. For $39, a user can watch everything recorded.

One Web site — — explains step-by-step how to use the video stream catching software.‘s Adobe-powered Video On Demand service allows viewers to watch the first two minutes of a movie or TV show for free. It charges up to $3.99 to rent a movie for 24 hours and up to $14.99 to download a movie permanently.

Amazon starts to stream the entire movie during the free preview — even though it pauses the video on the Web browser after the first two minutes — so that users can start watching the rest of the video right away once they pay.

“It’s the traditional trade-off, convenience on the one hand and security on the other,” said Ray Valdes, analyst at research group Gartner.

However, even if a user doesn’t pay, the stream still sends the movie to the video catching software, but not the browser.

via YahooNews

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  1. Ross Morelly says:

    Amazon plugged the free recording hole but now there is another tool to allow downloads at the price of a rentel see for details.

    Also we provide details on recirding and viewing at Fancast, hulu, and others without having to sit through the advetising


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