DIY – How to Paint your Concrete Floor with Epoxy Finish!

Here’s a really useful DIY for those of you with concrete floors.  Basically this DIY shows you how to paint your concrete floor with epoxy finish.

Why is this good?

Well, you can give your concrete floors a new shiny finish with your favorite color without spending a bunch of money on new wood flooring or whatnot.

I did this to one of my former job offices, (well, I hired someone to do it) and it’s a really good solution for turning a warehouse into an office. (that’s what I did)

It sure beats spending more than $2000 on hardwood flooring.

If you have a garage that you park a vehicle in or use as a project work area then you probably keep wishing the floor looked a little better. Well with a few gallons of Epoxy Paint and a weekend your floor can look better then new.

via yourepair

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