iPod Hack – How to breath new life into your iPod using Rockbox!

If you have bought older generation of iPods, you are in luck as Rockbox 3.0 firmware was just released to the public.

What does it do?  Basically it allows you to free yourself from iTunes and do a lot more with old equipment.

Since Apple has stopped developing the firmware for the older iPods (yes, they keep making new ones to make more money, how greedy!), this Rockbox provides users with alternative way to upgrade their old iPods.

I personally have the 40GB model of the iPod shown in the pic, I should be doing a short DIY write-up to tell you all how it went.

Looks like their site is down already but keep checkin’, it should be up later.

Rockbox’s developers say that the most important changes to the software won’t be particularly obvious to the average user. “The first players supported by Rockbox decoded MP3 files using a chip specifically for this purpose. This made things a lot simpler for Rockbox, but also limited the amount of formats supported to variants of MPEG audio. Newer players don’t use this approach, and as such, it was needed to expand Rockbox to do sound decoding in software on these players. This opens up the possibility of supporting a lot of different file formats, which is of course exactly what we did! “

via engadget, ostatic, Rockbox

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