DIY Auto Hack – How To Make Your Own Natural Car Air Freshener!

Here’s a cool way you can make your car smell better while not having to spend more money.

It’s a DIY on how to make your own natural car air freshener out of old clothing and smelly perfumes you have.

Great idea, isn’t it?  At times like this where U.S. economy is failing miserably (probably mostly due to miserable failure), we need to save every dollar we can or at least learn to re-use or re-make.

First you need some old fabric. Think about the clothes you no longer wear and towels and blankets you no longer use. If you’re not inclined to sewing, you can simply cut out the shape you want from the fabric. Cut out two of whatever shape you choose. Glue these shapes down to some cardboard (think cardboard from old shoe boxes, cereal boxes, etc.). You should make the cardboard the same shape and size as the fabric pieces. After this is done, you can decorate how you wish. Add sequin, other layers of fabric, paint, etc.

When you’re totally completed, soak the fabric with your favorite essential oil to your liking. These oils are incredibly strong, so be cautious at first.

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