Today at Digital Photo Gadgets Blog

Today at Digital Photo Gadgets Blog, we did a round up of digital cameras, digital frames, and more:

GE joins digital camera business.  Sigma unveils DP2 digital camera.

AT&T’s new HomeManager is more than just a digital picture frame.  SP3200WF is the world’s largest digital frame but is it a PC too?  Hasselbald H3DII-50 can do 50 megapixels, not bad huh?

It seems like more 1.5″ keychain digital photo frames are popping up everywhere these days.  There’s also some new executive 5.7″ Digital Picture Frames.

Image Moments 8-inch digital picture frame also comes with 450MB of storage, nice!  Funfab digital photo frame is also a photo printer.  Smartparts portable digital picture frame looks awesome with a metallic finish.

Another 1.5″ keychain digital picture frame

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