Rice Rocket – Fancied Up Hyundai Genesis!

Hyundai hasn’t been known in the States for their awesome performance cars, mostly due to the fact that only “cheap” Hyundai cars have been exported.

As of lately, they have started shipping higher performance cars like the Hyundai Genesis, boasting up to 375 horsepower on factory engine.

Above is a fixed up version of the Hyundai Genesis with air intake, Brembo brakes, and 19-inch rims.

I do like it a lot except I would much prefer a turbo and a front cool-air intercooler instead of the cheezy cold-air instake.

Of course, there’s HKS who’s working on the turbo kits already so it shouldn’t be long before you can make your Genesis into an illegal turbo warrior. (Turbo kits on naturally aspirated cars are illegal in states like California, shucks…)

Maybe I will have to do a DIY article on how to install one of these aftermarket turbo kits.

To that end, the only performance mods – outside of aiding the V6’s breathing – include a modified suspension, Brembo brakes and 19-inch Volk wheels shod in performance rubber. The exterior benefits from a black camo and “stealth fighter-inspired paint design,” along with tinted head and taillights, APR rear wing and custom grille. Inside, carbon fiber trim joins a pair of Cobra seats with black suede accents and an Infinity audio system.

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  1. Nicole Price says:

    Hyundai in many other countries is also known for good quality cars. it is a pity that they have such a negative image in the USA.

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