T-Mobile G1 Hand-on Pics and Video!


Here’s the pics and vids for the T-mobile G1, world’s first ever Google Android-enabled cellphone.

I do like the big keyboard but I am not a big fan of flip-tops as I can’t type while I am driving.  (That’s why I stick with a Blackberry for now)

pics via engadget

One Response to T-Mobile G1 Hand-on Pics and Video!

  1. me says:

    Well u should not be typing and driving at the same time any ways, but with that aside the blackberrys not as idoit frendy and the g1 (been an idoit myself =p). The flip screen also gives u and easyer way to hold and control the phone with 1 hand or 2. (If u can’t tell allready I got a g1 =p)

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