Most In-human Cat Carrier Design!

Although this is just a joke, this Cat Carrier should receive an award for the world’s most in-human cat carrier.  Everything looks fine except I don’t think the cat will appreciate a dildo up her/his arse and the head cap which probably break the cat’s head more than hold it.

Of course, if you really hate cats, you can immerse yourself with Cat Arse Sharpener and the Cat Paw.

There’s the Emily Strange Cat Shadow Digital Watch too while you are at it.

Don’t worry, I’m sure the cat isn’t in much pain, it’s perfectly humane.  They’ll love getting to travel more with the family.  You could even take your cat outside with you for a nice summer day and not have to worry about it causing any mischief.  According to Dr. Malmes Dobson it will “mold your special cat into the well-mannered creature God intended.”  Sounds perfectly safe to me, I don’t see where a design such as this could possibly go wrong.  If only this product were one you could snatch up in stores.  Sadly no such luck as of now.

via foolishgadgets

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